November 17, 2022

How to Clean Checkered Vans?
How to Clean Checkered Vans?

Vans also referred to as converse. Van Doren is the company owner of a rubber shoe manufacturing industry. The name Van started as a nickname, but with time it ended up being known by many people. That is how the shoe brand ended up named Vans.

Facts about the Vans Brand

It started as a family company. By Paul Van Doren and his brother.

When the brand began, the vans were categorized according to numbers. Names were not yet invented.

  • Slip-on shoes, formerly were known as No.36
  • Authentic was identified as No.44
  • The Vans Era, were called No.95

Vans Era, were the first shoes to be used for skating on a skateboard which was designed by skateboarders.

It is vital to remember that initially, Van Era was not designed for the skating activity. It’s just when the idea was already up and running, and the skating company discovered that the shoe type was perfect to be used on a skateboard. Thus they adopted modified and branded the shoe.

The first two individuals to participate in the sport while wearing the Vans Era were; Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta.

The Vans company won a contract to design shoes for the US Air Force. Canvas Mukluk boot model was the one perfect brand. The inside was very comfortable; it was wool made. The outer part, the robust and accurate height to the knee, and easy to put on since it had a zip.

Slip-on Vans have been worn is one of the famous movies Fast Times. All this was an idea of Sean Penn. It helped the brand became popular globally, and the company made mega sales.

Vans Company made a fruitful collaboration with the Supreme Brand. It resulted in the production of “Old Skool” shoes, designed by Brendon Babenzien.

“Off The Wall Scholarship” is sponsored by Vans Company, meant for students who pursue music at the “Berkley College of Music”. The criteria of which the scholarship is given include; Being unable to clear school fees, be a United States citizen, record good grades in class, and talented in music.

5 Reasons Why Checkered Vans are Highly in Demand

  • The checkered design looks cute.
  • Available at a pocket-friendly price.
  • Very comfortable when put on.
  • Durability and quality are excellent.
  • It has different designs to fit all age groups.

Checkered Vans are also known as the designer canvas shoes that add glam and style to your personality. Like every other thing in this world, the checkered vans are also intended to lose its color and shine with time. But do not worry as one of the best attributes of the Checkered Vans is that they are washable, and it can be done in several ways to get the shine of those checkered vans back.

The Checkered Vans were originally designed for skatepark wear, but the love for these shoes took place, and the people loved to wear it more often. The Checkered Vans are the style statement and is worn by most of the peoples in today’s era. Another best thing about these vans or shoes is that it blends perfectly with almost all outfits.

The slip-on Checkered Vans are very much popular amongst the category as it is easy to wear and remove without any hassle of tying the laces. The Slip-on Checkered Vans are existing since 1982 and are still holding the market quite strong. These vans are never going to be outdated, and it is the most effective reason that makes people buy and use these vans or shoes. Another reason for which the Slip-ons are preferred on high demand is that the Checkered vans are very much comfortable.

The respective brands make use of good quality rubber and insoles to give a soothing effect to the feet for long-time wear. The most important reason of all is the ease of wearing it every time. The checkered vans top the chart of having the best designer graphics on the shoes in all across the world. It goes well with not only casuals, but you can also compliment your office wear outfit with the inclusion of these checkered vans.

The Checkered Vans are all year pair of shoes, and for that reason, a timely wash is also essential for the same. Not all the shoes have the capacity to blend with your style and dressing for each day throughout the year. Though they are designed with tough materials to last longer, their shine does fade with time. Cleaning efforts are less but with adequate implementation. Inappropriate cleaning can ruin the checkered vans and their appeal.

In this article, you will know about the detailed cleaning solutions that can be used for keeping your checkered vans in completely new condition. There are several different procedures available as guided by the professionals to maintain the condition of the checkered vans while implementing different cleaning solutions or efforts.

How to Clean Checkered Vans at Home?

Cleaning at home is the best solution to save some expenses of handing it over to the laundry services. There are certain steps that you need to follow when at home to get your checkered vans cleaned efficiently to maintain the shine again for a longer time. Here you will know about different ways and steps that you can use for cleaning the checkered vans at your residence:

1. Using Hands for Cleaning the Checkered Vans

  • For the first step under this remedy, you need to make a cleaning solution that is usually used for laundries such as window cleaner, shampoo, dish soap, or vans cleaning solution. Now consider mixing it with the warm water to make a mixture of cleaning solution. It is one of the easiest ways of proceeding towards cleaning your checkered vans. Now, make sure that the solution you prepared is kept in a large bowl that consists of ÂĽ cup of the laundry detergent solution along with two warm water cups.
  • Now, prepare another bowl with clean water as this will help you in rinsing the sponge or cloth that you will be using while you proceed with the cleaning work. Use a soft sponge for dishcloth for the process to make sure you do not affect the texture of the checkered vans as it might reduce the appealing look of it.
  • In the third step, use a dishcloth or a sponge and dip it in the solution to start with the scrubbing process of washing your checkered vans. Keep the process of scrubbing continued until all the sides of the checkered vans are clean and look tidy. Use circular scrubbing motion with the sponge or the dishcloth to remove the dirt and stain of the shoes. The inside section of the shoes can also be cleaned using the same process without causing any damage. If you are washing a laced checkered van, then put the laces aside and clean it separately to avoid obstructions during the shoe cleaning.
  • For the final step, the rubber parts also need cleaning as they are the first point of contact with the grime or dirt during outings. For cleaning the rubbers on the checkered vans, take a different bowl and the mixture solution that was used for cleaning the vans in it. Now, make use of an old toothbrush and dip it in the solution, after which rub it on the rubber sides along with the soles. Continue this process until all the minute stains come off from the rubber parts of the soles and other rubber parts of the checkered vans. You might not need to use the brush for cleaning the rubber parts if they aren’t that dirty. Wet wipes will also work effectively in this case.
  • Now, its time to wind up the hand cleaning process where you need to use a wet & clean cloth to clean any dust particle or other residues that might have stayed on the checkered vans. If you see the shine back on your vans, then your cleaning process is successful, and if the stains still last, then you need to try on different techniques further on to make the cleaning more efficient. Now stuff the checkered vans with newspapers and place it under the sun for drying. The role of newspapers here is to prevent the shoes from changing their shape as they dry.

2. Cleaning Checkered Vans using Washing Machines

  • If you have a slip-on checkered van, then directly put them in the delicates bags that are available, especially for the cleaning purposes. If not, then make use of the pillow bags to hold the vans while in the machines. It will help to avoid adverse beating on the machines as well as the shoes. If you are using a laced checkered van, then make sure you remove the laces before you put them onto the machines.
  • Use the gentle mode of the washing machine for cleaning the checkered vans. Fill the machine tub with warm water for better results. Make sure you do not use hot water as it will loosen the seal of the bags used for the cleaning process.
  • Use detergent powder adequate for small load wash. It is the same as you use for your small load wash cycles. Do not mix up your checkered vans with other cloths or articles in the machine for a wash. It is so because the shoes will eventually damage the clothes in it.
  • After the cleaning is done, check for satisfaction and put it to dry under the sun with papers stuffed.

3. Use of Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaning the Checkered vans

  • Use different forms of rubbing alcohol available in the market for cleaning the ink stains, scuffs, and other tough stains off your checkered vans.
  • Make use of a cotton ball and rinse it in rubbing alcohol and wipe the stained area. The rubbing alcohol will saturate the stain portion. You can continue the gentle rubbing process until the stain vanishes.
  • After this, you can use another dry cotton ball to wipe away the stain and the alcohol content on the checkered vans.
  • If you do not have to rub alcohol, then you can also make use of nail polish remover for cleaning the ink and other tough stains on the body of the checkered vans.
  • Moreover, you can also use paint thinner, if your vans have the paint stains on it.

4. Using Lemon juice for cleaning the checkered vans

  • Use lemon juice and mix it up with four times water to dilute the solution and prepare it as the cleaning agent.
  • Now, make use of a sponge and rinse it in the mixture. After which you must scrub the stain using the sponge or the dishcloth.
  • Continue the scrubbing until the stain vanishes, after which you can make use of clean water to rinse the area of the checkered vans and let it dry.

How to clean Checkered Vans with Baking Soda?

Making the use of water, hydrogen peroxide along with the baking soda is another efficient way of cleaning the checkered canvas to bring back the lost shine. These solutions are considered the best shoe cleaner and stain remover for ages. If you fail to arrange the hydrogen peroxide solution at your residence, then you can make use of only the water and baking soda to make the paste for removing the stain or marks on the shoes. You need to follow certain steps to complete the cleaning process of your checkered vans using a baking soda solution. The steps are as follows:

  • Take up one tablespoon of baking soda that is equivalent to 14.8ml. Add it to the half tablespoon of water and hydrogen peroxide. If you do not have hydrogen peroxide consider mixing it up with only water. Mix it properly in a bowl to make a paste-like structure.
  • In the next step, take an old toothbrush and dip it properly in the baking soda paste. Now use this brush to scrub it on the stains of the checkered vans. Apply it all over the shoes and leave it to dry for around 30 minutes. It will absorb and weaken the stains on the shoes that will help it remove easily when washed off.
  • After 30-40 minutes of baking soda soaking, make sure you rinse it properly with a clean and wet cloth. This process might require multiple efforts. So, make sure you keep doing it as much time as it requires until you get the lost shine of your checkered vans back.

It is an ideal process to remove the tough stains on the checkered vans. Whereas there are some other methods as well, such as using bleach, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol and other such removers to keep the vans clean and tidy. All the processes are equally effective as some take a long time while some give instant results. But for an effective cleaning process, you need to consider certain do’s and don’ts for cleaning the checkered vans to maintain the life of the shoes and also get back the lost shine of it. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts that one must look for before using baking soda or any cleaning solution or cleaning the checkered vans:


  • Before the commencement of the cleaning process, make sure to use a brush to remove all the dirt off the shoes. It will help avoid further damage during cleaning efforts.
  • Use bleaches that are free from dye to avoid leaving stain marks even after the cleaning process is complete.
  • Use a mild toothbrush for the cleaning process as hard bristles will affect the body of the checkered vans adversely.


  • Do not use harsh chemicals on the checkered vans for cleaning them. It will leave marks on the shoe body, making it look worse.
  • Keep gaps between two washes as regular washing will deteriorate the integrity of the checkered vans or shoes.

The above processes can also be used adequately for cleaning the checkered slip-on vans. But if you want to follow a faster and easier way of advancing towards cleaning the slip-on checkered vans, then there are quite different ways to make an approach for that. All the approaches are efficient in giving out effective results to bring back the lost shine of the checkered vans. Some of such approaches are:

1. Quick Clean

  • For this, you need to first brush off all the grime or dirt off the shoes with a soft brush or a dry cloth. There are separate brushes available in the market for serving the purpose.
  • Make use of white vinegar and mix it with water to apply it on the stains. Do this process only with gentle blotting without rinsing the entire shoe. Make sure that the vinegar mixes up with an equal amount of water. It is essential to give adequate results without leaving any other stains.
  • Now, coming to the rubber parts, make use of the magic erasers available in the market, especially for cleaning the rubber portions of the checkered vans along with the soles.
  • After completing this process, leave the checkered vans for drying under the sun with stuffed newspapers or other papers.

2. Deep Clean

  • Firstly, remove the dirt or grime from the surface of the checkered vans by using the soft brushes. They are easily available in the market for the purpose. If you do not want to spend on the brush, then make use of a dry cloth to dust off all the dirt from the surface.
  • For deep cleaning, make use of rubbing alcohol or any other cleaning agent adequate for the vans. Apply them on to the stained part and use an old toothbrush for rubbing over it gently. Continue the process until the stain vanishes.
  • Use soap & water to clean the rubber sides and the soles with the use of a soft brush or toothbrush.
  • After the cleaning, leave the checkered vans for drying under the sun.

3. Bleach white strips Clean

Apart from the checkered areas, the white strips in the mid-section and on the side can be cleaned using a bleach solution.

  • Firstly, cover the place with a towel or a cloth where you will start your shoe cleaning work. It is so because bleaching can cause hard stains on the floor and even on the cloths.
  • Use a tape to cover the checkered area to avoid that portion from getting bleaching effects. It will keep those areas safe from damage due to bleach.
  • Now use a bleach solution with complete dilution using water. Use a brush or sponge dipped in the solution to gently rinse it over the white parts of the checkered vans. Continue the process until the stains vanish. You can also use the same process for cleaning the white rubber base and the sides of the checkered vans. Now you can get the cleaning done in no time.
  • After the process completes, you can use a clean cloth to wipe off the residues. Leave the vans for drying under the sun. Stuff the vans with papers to avoid shape deformation during the drying process. This is essential as it might make it difficult for you to wear shoes.

How to Clean Checkered Vans slip-on without Fading?

The checkered vans are one of the casual outfits that are preferred by almost all citizens. Due to their use of materials, they need a periodic wash to maintain the shine. Moreover, another best thing that one must look after is the fading problems of the checkered vans. Most of the time, people who make use of a hard brush for washing or cleaning the vans hampers the integrity of the material. It eventually deteriorates the shine of it.

There are a few different washing strategies that you must follow to avoid the fading of the color. It also keeps the texture intact of the checkered slip-on vans. Avoid making use of the cleaning grease or chemicals to treat the checkered vans. They will reduce the lifetime of the shoes and will also take away the original shine of it. Here is the way in which you must try and clean your vans without any risk of losing the vibrant colors and textures of them.

1. Gather the essential requirements

The essential requirements here include the preparatory items that you need to arrange before you commence with your cleaning works. You will need a couple of bowls, laundry solution, soft scrubbing brush, clean water, and towel. These are the basic essentials to arrange before you commence with your plan for cleaning the checkered vans. The two bowls will have a detergent solution and clean water in them.

The most important thing of all is a soft scrubbing brush. The brushes available in the local market have hard bristles that are responsible for the fading of the checkered vans. If you want to avoid that, then make sure you check the bristles of the brush before buying it. One can make use of the usual laundry detergent without any restrictions in the correct proportion. The detergent solutions do not hamper the materials of the checkered vans and give a clean and tidy output.

Cleaning the shoes must be easier than that of wearing them. Therefore, most of the requirements are usually available in every house. You do not need to spend an additional penny to buy any products for periodic use. If you wish to maintain a separate set of cleaning tools, particularly for your checkered vans, then it is highly appreciating. Some people do have a different kind of love for their vans. And for that, they want to take special care of it.

2. Now blend your solution

In the second step of cleaning, you need to blend the essentials to prepare the solution. This will be an adequate solution for cleaning the checkered vans. The first thing that you must do is to mix the laundry solution on to the warm water. Make sure the warm water proportion is 2 cups, and the detergent solution is ÂĽ cup. Mix the solution properly until you find a uniform color.

Soon after that, you can use your soft scrub brush to immerse it in the solution and start gentle rubbings on the checkered vans. Make sure your motion of rubbing is gentle, as this is the main procedure that protects your vans from fading. Hard scrubs or hard rubbing will eventually deteriorate the fabric of the checkered vans, and the shine will fade. Therefore, use gentle rubbing motion on the shoes while you are using the scrubbing brush immersed with a detergent solution.

For better results, you can also make use of clean water and a dishcloth to wipe the dirt or grime on the surface of the checkered vans. It is essential in order to prevent the grime or dirt from spreading all around the shoe surface. The soles and the rubber sides can be easily cleaned with a moderate bristled toothbrush.

It can be dipped in the same detergent solution for the cleaning purpose. Do not make use of the same brush for both the surfaces as the base or sole of the shoes consists of more dirt and grime that needs to be attended separately. Using the same brush will hamper the fabric of the checkered vans.

3. Use the towel to wipe the shoes

After the scrubbing and the cleaning process, it is time now to wipe the shoes and make it dry. The towel mentioned in the above requirements list is to be used now. Make use of the towel to wipe the wet checkered vans to make it dry to some extent. This process is essential for the shoes before putting it out under the sun.

It is used to check if the cleaning is done properly or not. If you find stains or any kind of dirt marks on it, then you might need to repeat the entire process again to get a clean and tidy pair of the checkered van. The entire cleaning process needs hardly 10 minutes. If the stains do not vanish in the first attempt, do not hesitate to try for the second time.

For better results and to avoid a second time cleaning, you can get a stain remover particularly available for the cleaning of the checkered vans. These stain removers are quite cheap and are very much effective in cleaning the targeted areas. After wiping the vans with towels, if you find any stain, then use the remover on that area. After that, give a gentle rub to see if it is getting eradicated. Once done, immediately make use of clean water to wipe away the stain remover contents from the surface. It is essential to avoid discoloration of that area on the surface of the shoes.

4. Leave it to dry

Make use of the natural drying process for your checkered vans and leave it under the sun for a while. While you put your shoes under the sun, make sure you stuff them with papers to avoid any shape disorientation and excessive moisture absorption during the drying process. Drying is one of the essential parts of the cleaning process of the checkered vans. Avoid making use of hair dryers or other electrical equipment for drying the shoes and let it take the natural heat for drying.

How to Clean Checkered Vans easy?

Counting on easy methods for cleaning the checkered vans is also essential. It is so because not all people have enough time to implement their shoe cleaning works. Therefore, one can follow easy methods for cleaning the checkered vans without any hassles. Arranging the essentials and following the guidelines is now easy. Here are the couple of easy methods that you can follow for cleaning the checkered vans without much hassle:

1. Cleaning with washing machine

The first easy way that you can follow for cleaning the checkered vans is to put them into the washing machines. There are separate guidelines for the same, and that requests the users to seal the shoes in the pillow bags before putting it into the machines. These pillow bags will protect the shoes from beating the surface of the machines. It will keep either of them safe from damage. Another considerable thing is to wash the shoes alone while putting it in the machine.

Do not mix it up with other clothes of yours to avoid experiencing damage and loss. After you have followed the process so far, add ÂĽ cup of the detergent solution and turn on the washing machines at a gentle pace. A warm-water cycle will clean the checkered vans more productively. After the timer goes out, check for the cleanliness to attain satisfaction. Now, put it under the sun for drying with newspapers stuffed.

2. Make use of the shoe cleaners

There are shoe cleaners available, especially for the checkered vans that will help you clean the vans in no time. These shoe cleaners consist of good chemical agents and are effective in quick cleaning of the shoes. You just need to apply the shoe cleaner solution on to the surface. After which you need to make use of a gentle brush to give it a scrub for a couple of minutes.

Once you find the surface is clean, then you can wipe the checkered vans with a wet dishcloth to give a final touch. Now, you can let it dry for some time before you can wear it to work. Before you use the shoe cleaner, you need to remove the excess dirt from the surface. You can do it by using a soft brush or wet cloth. Without that, the dirt or grime will spread all over the checkered vans to damage the fabrics. They will also leave stains even after the cleaning process completes.

Another thing that you need to consider in this step is to buy quality shoe cleaners. There are many brands that claim the best cleaning solutions for the checkered vans, but you need to request a practical demonstration before purchasing the product. An inappropriate cleaning solution will affect the shoe surface adversely and might result in the fading of the shoes. Go online and find the best brand products from the top sites to get fast results with less effort and less expenditure.

How to Clean Yellow Checkered Vans?

Yellow Checkered Vans

Yellow checkered vans here signify the color change of the shoes. It is due to overexposure of the vans to dirt, grime, debris, rainwater, and other such attributes. Usually, after certain days of the rough usage, the checkered vans turn yellow and start to look out of form and design. This is the moment when people decide on switching to other vans or shoes, leaving the yellow ones. But for a remedy, cleaning these yellow checkered vans is possible with certain appropriate stain removing methods. Removing the yellow stains of the checkered vans is quite difficult as it takes a different set of washing treatment. In addition to that, some prior implementations also help you get the best results. Here is the step by step instructions that you must follow in order to get rid of the yellow stain marks off your checkered vans:

Before starting with the steps, make a note of the essential things that you will need. These things will help you while moving ahead in this cleaning process for your checkered vans. The things that you will need are dishwashing soap, soft brush, bowl, clean cloths, baking soda, toothbrush, tartar cream, borax, bucket, and vinegar.

Here are the steps for the cleaning of the yellow checkered vans to bring back their original colors:

  1. Take a bowl and fill it with warm water. Make sure the water is warm and not hot as it might hurt you as well as damage the shoe fabrics. Mix 1TSP solution of the dishwashing soap into the warm water and let it blend properly.
  2. Now, make use of the soft brush and dip it in the warm water solution. Scrub the surface of the vans to remove the dirt or dust to go ahead with the further cleaning process. Do the same with the soles and the rubber sides but by using a toothbrush dipped in the soap solution.
  3. Now, after the checkered vans are free from the dirt and dust, you can pour a little content of baking soda on the yellow areas or spots that are strongly settling on the checkered vans. It will make the tough spots saturate. You can continue with gentle scrubbing after pouring the baking soda onto it.
  4. In the next step, add ¼ cup white vinegar to another bowl to move ahead with the further cleaning process. Use a soft cloth and immerse in the vinegar solution. Now, apply it onto the dark yellow spots on the surface of the checkered vans. You need to continue this cleaning process with the use of white vinegar until all the spots vanish from the van’s surface. You might need to give some more time here by repeating the step several times to make the scuffs disappear completely.
  5. In the next step, make use of the tartar solution for creating a mixture with hot water. Take a bucket and add one part of the tartar cream onto it along with two-part hot water. This step becomes a magical remedy if the cause of the yellowness of the checkered vans is due to inappropriate bleaching. Get your checkered vans and let it soak in this solution for around an hour. After the process completes, take out the shoes and then rinse it with warm water. It is essential before moving ahead with the process.
  6. After the fifth step, you will see the yellowness has disappeared for maximum cases. After which you need to do a normal wash by hand or by machine to complete the process. You can then put it for drying under the sun with newspapers stuffed in it. One thing you could do to make the resulting effects more appealing is by adding borax to the washing water at the end. Add 2 tbsp borax to the washing water that you have prepared for the final cleaning. The use of borax will prevent checkered vans from turning yellow again. The borax is readily available at most of the grocery or hardware stores.

How to Clean Red Checkered Vans?

If you own a red checkered van, then you might be facing certain issues of color fades with time. The red-checkered vans are much difficult to clean because they are designed with vibrant colors. Not only red but any other color checkered vans require a different cleaning process or color retrieving process. If your red-checkered vans are out of color and shine, then you need to follow up on the dying process for getting the lost shine back.

Some people do change their shoes when they find it fading, whereas some people are in love with their old checkered vans and cannot afford to lose it. For people like them, here is the process for dying your faded shoes to get back the lost shine and color to make it look appealing again in no time. Follow the step-by-step instructions to understand the dying process completely:

Before starting with the steps, take a look at the tools and essentials required for the process. The tools are mild detergent, water, toothbrush, bucket, and towel. The steps are as follows:

  • In the first step, make sure you add detergent solution on to the water and stir it properly while in the bucket. The measurement should be 3 drops of the detergent solution for 10oz of water. You can do the mathematics and blend detergent and water accordingly for the cleaning process. One thing to look for is to avoid over the addition of detergents. If the liquid solution under preparation is looking too soapy or is full of bubbles, then the detergent content is too high and won’t give results effectively. Consider preparing the solution for one more time if you find the solution over soapy.
  • Now make use of a scrubbing tool or an old toothbrush for the cleaning process. Dip it in the bucket of cleaning solution and give soft scrubbing strokes on the surfaces of the checkered vans. The red-checkered vans that have lost the color shine will demand a slow scrub for the process. As hard scrubbing will affect the fabric of the shoe and will increase the damage count of it. If possible, try to use different toothbrushes for scrubbing the top surface and the soles or rubber parts. It is so because the dirt & dust quantity in both these areas are different. Therefore using different toothbrushes will give cleaner output.
  • In the next step, make use of a towel and wipe the wet red checkered vans. Do it gently without putting more force. Continue with the process carefully to avoid causing any damage to the old red checkered vans. After this, leave the shoes under the sun for natural drying for around 2 hours. The checkered vans need to be completely dry to go ahead with the further process.
  • After the shoes dry, bring them in and put them on the table that is covered with either newspaper or old cloth. Take a utensil and fix a small amount of cotton on one of its ends. Dip the cotton end in the dye solution completely. The dyes are easily available in online or offline stores at a low price. Use the utensil with dye immerse cotton to go ahead with the dying process of the checkered vans. Apply the solution to the faded parts of the vans. If the red checkered vans are fading from all sides, then apply the dye carefully to all surfaces and keep the circular motion constant. Use the gloves to avoid dye solution to get in contact with your skin as it might cause irritation. Light applying of the dye solution is essential. No double or triple coat is essential for the process.
  • In the final step, let the dye applied on the red checkered vans dry. Until it settles down on the surface and give the lost shine back. As per the studies, the dye will take around 2 hours for drying completely. But it is recommended to leave the shoes for a longer time to let the dye settle down perfectly for better results.

There are different dye solutions available for different colored checkered vans. So, make sure you get the right product for your vans to regain the lost look of it.

How to clean old Skool Checkered Vans?

 Skool Checkered Vans

The old skool checkered vans is a name given to the designing platform of these type of shoes. The old skool checkered vans is a perfect design blend of the side stripe skate shoe with canvas inclusion. In the oldskool checkered vans, the black and white check portions are on either side, giving an appealing look.

The cleaning process for these vans is almost similar to that of other checkered vans. The love of the people for the vans is truly commendable. Following up on that, people prefer cleaning them instead of buying a new one until it becomes unwearable. A checkered van with quality maintenance can last for several years. Here are some of the things that you need to take consideration of and implement it during the cleaning sessions of your red-checkered vans:

  • Firstly, know the material that is used in the making of the old skool checkered vans. Understanding the materials used is the first step to get an idea about the cleaning process of it. Different materials require a slightly different way of cleaning that will keep the comfort and durability factor intact in them. You can check over the internet or ask an expert to give you an idea about the materials used in their checkered vans. The old skool checkered vans require very little maintenance, so you need not worry about spending much on them.
  • Different essential tools useful for cleaning the old skool checkered shoes are soft nylon brush, nylon scrubbing pad, soap, paper, and baking soda. For different colored checkered vans, there are polishes available that one can buy to give timely shine to their shoes.
  • Remove the excess dirt off the shoe soles and the surface by tapping them with one another from soles with a gentle force. Now, make use of a wet cloth to wipe the surface of the shoe to remove the grimes and dirt. If you are using a laced checkered van, then remove the laces and wash them separately.
  • The cleaning process remains the same from here where you need to use detergent and warm water solution. Using it, you need to rub the surface of the vans using an old toothbrush or nylon scrub. If the stains are not removed even after rinsing with detergent water, then apply some baking soda onto it to see better results. Use the nylon pads for better scrubbing results without damaging the fabric of the old skool checkered vans.

These are the few things that you need to consider while you are cleaning your old skool checkered vans. Make sure to use different brushes or pads for the surface and base of the shoes. You can follow all the basic cleaning procedures similar to that of other checkered vans without any restrictions as per your cleaning requirements.

All the scenarios mentioned and the questions answered above are usually faced by the people who wear checkered vans very often. Some people make it their style trend to go out only with the vans. Therefore, an ideal cleaning solution for all types of issues is covered in the above article. There are some details and preventions that every checkered van owner needs to understand.

It is essential to avoid causing additional damage to their shoes. For most cases, make sure you use non-bleaching soaps to avoid the colored parts from experiencing adverse effects. Test your detergent or other solutions that you are planning on using before you completely implement it on your checkered vans.

If you are style freak and prefer wearing the checkered vans almost everywhere, then you need to have the knowledge of maintaining them as well. Timely cleaning will keep your checkered vans look appealing, just like the new ones forever. With proper maintenance, they will last for a long tenure giving you the same style and comfort that you demand from it.

You are going to learn the magic and power behind your readily available toothpaste!

Isn’t that great?

First, you need to define the word toothpaste, as the name suggests, is paste invented to clean up your teeth.

Humans are creative creatures. Usually fond of discovering something new to make life easier.

Let me Take you Through a Brief History of Toothpaste

Colgate was the first company to produce a worldwide commercial toothpaste. The brand was launched in the year 1873, which turned out to be successful to date. Before then, people made locally made toothpaste to clean and maintain their mouth and teeth hygiene.

Toothpaste Components

The main components used to make toothpaste include; fluoride, abrasives, and detergents, they help make your teeth strong and healthy.

Water is also an essential component. It helps the ingredients to combine uniformly and retain the paste form.

When it comes to cavities, fluoride is the main component designed to protect your teeth. And, keep them healthy by strengthening your enamel.

Abrasion is really common but rarely discovered. It is the situation where your teeth get a layer of food particles formed, due to failure to do the cleaning (brushing) properly.

Abrasives are put in use to clean up your teeth and leave them sparkling clean by removing unwanted substances and roughness.

We use detergents to clean dirt from surfaces. Thus, making an essential ingredient in toothpaste.

Uses of Toothpaste

Apart from cleaning your teeth, toothpaste can be used in many other ways. Namely;

  • Make your white sneakers sparkling clean.
  • Removing your shoe scuff.
  • Clear stubborn pimples from your face.
  • Getting rid of ink from fabric.
  • Removing stubborn crayon drawings from walls.
  • Cleaning stained tea and coffee cups.
  • Reviving stuck piano keys.

Top 5 Toothpaste brands used globally

  • Colgate
  • Sensodyne
  • Close up
  • Pepsodent
  • Aquafresh

Here are Simple Steps on How to Clean Checkered Vans using Toothpaste

1. Find all the necessary materials

The materials include; toothpaste, toothbrush, and water. The water needs to be clean and warm, facilitating easy removing of stains and dirt. Also, make sure not to use gel. Since the gel toothpaste is likely to stain your shoes.

Assemble your Vans too.

2. Washing cloth, NOT brush

Using a washcloth ensures you don’t damage your shoe. Since Vans are known for being delicate.

Now, start by soaking the piece of cloth in the water, squeeze to remove any dripping water. Use the towel to wipe dust or mud off your shoe.

3. Check the efficiency of your toothpaste 

The toothpaste must be white. Using colored toothpaste will stain your shoes instead of cleaning. You have to be very specific since there are other colors in the market.

Use an old toothbrush, but if you don’t, one is okay. You can go for a cheap toothbrush since it won’t make sense to buy an expensive brush to clean shoes.

Apply toothpaste on a small area of your shoe. Mostly the back edge.

Check the area after ten minutes. If your expectations are met, you good to go.

4. Apply toothpaste

Apply toothpaste on a toothbrush, rub it on your vans and let it rest for at least ten minutes. During the resting time, the Vans material will soak off all the toothpaste. Since it is a cleaning agent, I will make the dirt easy to wipe off.

5. Scrub your Vans

How hard your scrub will depend on factors like; material and condition of your Vans. If your Vans are delicate and you don’t want what to scratch it, gently rub them using a toothbrush.

For stubborn stains, you can repeat the process.

6. Wipe your shoes

Using the wet washcloth, wipe your shoes thoroughly. Ensure you clean off all the toothpaste as possible.

7. Rinse with water

It is optional to rinse your Vans with clean water. But, doing this makes your vans sparkling clean, more than step six above.

Put your Vans to dry under a shade.

Let’s Now Learn How to Clean your Checkered Vans Laces

  • Put a little amount of toothpaste into a basin.
  • Soak your laces in for 10 minutes.
  • Hand washes to be clean.
  • Rinse your laces with clean warm or cold water.
  • Put them to dry.

Here are the DO’S

  • Washing your Vans will be dictated with; color, material, and condition of the shoe. When wiping the dust off your Vans, be gentle to avoid damaging the vans. It is best if you use a wet piece of cloth or towel.
  • Are you wondering if washing your vans in a washing machine is possible?
  • Well, the answer is yes.
  • All you need to do is set your laundry machine in slow motion.
  • Use cold water.
  • Use the detergent of your choice and add a little of toothpaste for perfect results.
  • Again, remember to remove the shoelaces before letting your vans into the washing machine.
  •  For suede Vans, It is best to hand wash them. Because they delicate to handle and can quickly get damaged.
  • You mustn’t dip the whole shoe into the washing water since the suede will fade off and discolor the entire shoe.
  • When Using toothpaste to clean your vans, go for a white toothpaste. It is the best since it won’t stain your Vans.

Once in a while, it is good to wash your vans differently. The method is best for non-fading Vans.

  • Using your preferred detergent, warm water, and toothbrush.
  • Soak your Vans in a basin.
  • Wait for 30 minutes.
  • Then, scrub your shoes using a toothbrush.
  • For stubborn stains, continue scrubbing up till clean.
  • Rinse your shoes with clean water.
  • Your shoes are ready.

Most importantly, the DON’TS

  • Never put your vans in the washing machine without checking out the material used in their manufacturing.
  • Let’s talk about detergents. We have bleaching and non- bleaching detergents. It is best if you go for a non-bleaching detergent.
  • If you need to bleach your Vans, you can apply toothpaste on the stained area. It will make the washing even more relaxed.
  • Using a bleaching agent can damage your Vans. By making them fade and start looking old after a few times of washing.
  • When drying your Vans, make sure to do it under the shade. Letting your shoes dry on direct sunlight will damage your Vans. The effects include; fading, making your new shoes look so old. And, being crunchy, making your Vans uncomfortable when you put them on.
  • Here comes the eleventh-hour wash! You go rushing to dry your Vans using a dryer. Less you know putting your Vans too close to the dryer, ruins your shoes.
  • I got a simple solution to that, stuff a tissue paper around your shoes to offer them protection.
  • But still, it will best to give your Vans time to have a natural dry.
  • Washing your Vans too often will make them get worn out faster than you expect.
  • It is best if you wipe your Vans other than complete washing.
  • You will be amazed at the durability of your Vans. Not only that, but the washing and drying time will be short too.
  • Using any liquid substance capable of dissolving in other elements like paraffin will damage your Vans.
  • It will make the glue between the shoe sole and the upper part of your shoe loose.
  • The use of water is the best option.
  • A very big and embarrassing problem. Wondering what I am talking about? It is the bad fishy smell which comes from shoes.
  • In most cases, it is caused when you; put on shoes that didn’t dry properly. Didn’t wipe your feet thoroughly before putting on shoes. Have sweaty feet, and you didn’t wear socks.
  • If you find yourself in such a situation, all you need is an instant solution.

Here goes the Solution

  1. Use vinegar and baking soda
  2. Mix an equal amount of vinegar and baking soda.
  3. Pour about two cups of the solution into your Vans.
  4. Let it rest for 20 minutes.
  5. Rinse your shoes with clean water.
  6. Put your Vans under the shade to dry.
  7. You are now good to rock with your clean shoes once again.

Final Note

Now that you have gone through perfect tips on how to use toothpaste to clean your Vans. It’s important to note that toothpaste contains different ingredients varying according to the brand. Thus, make sure you try first on an unnoticeable small spot of your sneaker before you apply on the rest of your shoe. Here you go! Your Vans are as good as new. Go ahead, wear them, and rock the world.

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