November 17, 2022

What is a Germ Bomb?

Germ Bomb
What is a Germ Bomb?

We are always fighting the battle against germs, and whether we admit it or not, we keep losing. This is evident in the millions of people that get germs related infections yearly and even the percentage of them that die. Thanks to germ bombs that are becoming prevalent in the market and now with minimal effort, we can sanitize our living spaces and help in the complete elimination of microbes.

Germ bomb commonly referred to as germ forgers, is simply a canister containing disinfectant with a propellant that is activated by simply pushing an actuat0or. Once activated, a sanitizing agent is released in fog form disinfecting everything it touches. Germ bomb helps you achieve a living space free of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and eliminates foul smells emanating from mold and mildew.

Where can a Germ Bomb be used?

A germ bomb is safe and comfortable to use the product and therefore can be used in most places such as;

  • Hospitals
  • Business premises
  • Homes
  • Public areas such as train and ferry terminals
  • Learning institutions

Qualities to look for in a Germ Bomb

Different companies have flooded the market with different brands of Germ Bombs. To avoid confusion when making a purchase, a standard one should present the following qualities

  • Ability to eliminate a wide range of microorganism
  • Require a short action period. A maximum of two to three hours should be enough for a quality germ bomb to disinfect effectively.
  • Pose no health risk
  • Eco friendly. Ensure the germ bomb do not contain toxins that may be harmful to the environment
  • You can also check out the customers’ reviews to gauge their satisfaction level.

How to use a Germ Bomb

It is crucial to note that the germ bomb is not a substitute for cleaning your house. Therefore, Start by the routine process of cleaning. This involves dusting your room, scrubbing off dirt and stains off surfaces, sweeping and mopping floors, or even vacuum cleaning where necessary. Remember to take out the trash to avoid foul odor.

This can easily be achieved by closing windows any other ventilation in the room. Turn off air conditioners and fans that facilitate air circulation in the room. It increases the concentration of the fogger content, subsequently increasing your germ bomb efficiency.

prepare several sheets of paper that will prevent any overspray from falling on other surfaces once you open your canister .the germ bomb should be placed on the most central point in the room to allow efficient spread. Placing the germ bomb on a raised surface such as a table or counter also increases its ability to disinfect a larger area.

Once the room you aim to disinfect is clean and adequately ready, ensure there is no pet or people still in the room. Vigorously shake the can, press the actuator until it unlocks, and quickly place it on the sheets of paper. Leave the room immediately, ensuring you lock the door behind you.

Stay out of the room for a minimum of approximately one hour to allow the disinfectant to work. Collect the can and dispose of the sheets of paper used in the procedure. Open all the doors, windows, and other aeration vents to allow maximum air circulation in the already sanitized room. There is no need to clean surfaces as the sanitizer dries off without leaving stains.

Note; the longer you stay out of the room to allow this disinfectant to work, the better since it increases its effectiveness, especially in dealing with tenacious odors.

How does the Germ Bomb work?

The can contains aerosol disinfectant which will be released in the atmosphere in a fog form and disperses throughout the entire room. These particles are light enough and will remain suspended in the air for a while. This ensures that all airborne microbes are eliminated.

After a while, the fog settles on surfaces in the room, sanitizing everything and everywhere it touches. The main advantage is that the sanitizer can access all areas in the room that could have been difficult to reach through applying it physically.


Very little work is required

Unlike with most sanitizers where the application needs to be done manually on all surfaces, using a germ bomb is as easy as pushing an actuator. The aerosol automatically distributes itself to all corners of the room. Moreover, you do not have to clean after as no precipitate is left.

Minimal disruption

As mentioned, you do not have to leave the premises for long during this procedure. All you need is a few hours. In the case of business premises, you do not have to shut down. You can simply do it at night after business hours, and it ready for reoccupation by morning.

Reaches areas that are difficult to access

Most areas, especially in already occupied spaces, are difficult to access for sanitization. Germ bomb is the ultimate solution as the mist is evenly distributed throughout the room. Even strenuous areas such as walls, floors, and ceiling are adequately catered for.


With germs foggers, you get the maximum value for your money. This is attributed to its effectiveness in sterilizing. A single 6 ounces canister can clean a 23ft by 23ft by 11ft room effectively.

Safe to use

Germ foggers are approved by EPA, meaning they are safe to use. They do not result in health issues if used appropriately.


Thorough cleaning is mandatory before sanitizing.

Your room has to be thoroughly cleaned before sanitizing; otherwise, its effectiveness is hindered. Germ bombs only eliminate microorganisms they come in direct contact with.  Areas covered with dust, debris, or spilled liquid are therefore most likely not sanitized.


Buying this canned aerosol is not a cheap sanitization option. Despite being termed as worth it, you still have to dig deep into your pockets to go home with one.

Could cause allergies

Although Germ Bombs are termed as safe, they cause allergies if they come into direct contact with your skin or directly inhaled. However, if avoiding direct contact with all chemicals is general knowledge, then this is nothing to go by.

Safety precautions while using Germ Bombs

For years, the use of Germ Bombs has been termed as a risky exercise, and people have tried to avoid it altogether. This is due to inadequate research and a lack of proper testing. Most of the chemicals used were toxic and posed a danger to pets’ and humans’ health. A place could be shut down for days to allow the harmful aerosol to dissipate before people and pets were allowed back in. Some of these chemicals damaged any surface such as furniture, paint, plastics, textile, etc. and therefore became very difficult to use in already occupied premises.

However, over time and with the new dawn of technology in all fields, Germ Bombs have emerged to be considered as one of the most effective and safe ways of sanitization. It is known to be very useful, and there is no need for evacuating premises or moving furniture and other items from the area to be disinfected. Currently, achieving a sterile environment requires just a few hours and minimal effort. However, this does eliminate the need to be careful, and the following precautionary measures should be taken.

  • Read the instructions provided.
  • Ensure you put on protective kit to minimize contact inhalation of the aerosol
  • Ensure people and pets leave the area you are sanitizing.
  • Cover edibles and pets food to avoid contamination
  • Adequately aerate the room after you are done with the procedure

Note; it is essential to ensure that the environmental protection agency approves the disinfectant.

Frequently asked questions

After how long do I need to use a germ fogger?

As long as there is no reintroduction of new microbes, you do not need to sanitize again. However, germ fogger eliminates the already existing bacteria. There is no assurance of future protection from these microorganisms.

Do I need to take my electronics out of the room during the sanitization process?

No. on the contrary, it is advisable to leave them in the room to get them sanitized too. Fogging produces a fine mist that is not harmful to electronics. Dry fogging is also available in case there are too many electronics in the room.

After how long is it safe to reoccupy the disinfected room?

After approximately one hour, you can safely go back to the room. However, it is advisable to leave the room for longer to allow maximum sanitization

It’s every single person’s responsibility to actively participate in waging war against microbes that are harmful to our health. As we stock up our pantry rooms and check our heating systems in an attempt to prepare for winter, the sanitization of our living spaces should not be overlooked. A study has it that maintaining regular hygiene and the use of Germ Bombs could keep you and your family safe from flu and cold during seasons of heightened risk.

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